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    Never give up on Northampton and Halifax Counties. Let's roll up our sleeves and get the job done!
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    Never give up on Northampton and Halifax Counties. Let's roll up our sleeves and get the job done!

Turn Challenge Into Change

Never give up on Northampton, Halifax, and Warren Counties. Let's roll up our sleeves and get the job done! I was raised a conservative with deep Christian and moral values. Truthfulness is a powerful virtue and we should be held accountable and judged by our actions. We must deliver on our commitments, showing others that we can be trusted to do what we say we'll do. You are only as good as your word and you must take ownership and responsibility. As your Representative, I will make decisions based on what's morally right and best for all the citizens of our district.

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Voting Records

Select Legislative Bill History 2011 to 2021 Wray Votes NO

Topic Session Bill # Title/Subject/Motion
Abortion 15-16 HB 465 72 Hours Informed Consent by Person or Phone.
Abortion 15-16 HB 465 Women and Children's Protection Act of 2015.
Abortion 13-14 HB 716 Clarify Law/Prohibit Sex-Selective Abortion.
Abortion 13-14 HB 730 Insurance and Health Care Conscience Protection.
Abortion 13-14 SB 132 Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth.
Abortion 13-14 SB 353 Health and Safety Law Changes.
Abortion 11-12 HB 854 Abortion-Women's Right to Know Act.
Abortion 11-12 HB 215 Unborn Victims of Violence Act/Ethen's Law.
Children's/Victim'sRights 13-14 HB 935 NC Pre-Kindergarten Law Changes.
Children's/Victim'sRights 13-14 HB 269 Children with Disabilities Scholarship Grants.
Economic Development 17-18 HB 819 Protect North Carolina Right to Work Constitutional Amendment.
Economic Development 17-18 HB 35 Protect North Carolina Workers Act.
Economic Development 17-18 HB 820 Protect Right to Work/Conforming Changes.
Economic Development 15-16 HB 318 Protect North Carolina Workers Act.
Economic Development 13-14 HB 201 Building Reutilization for Economic Development Act.
Economic Development 13-14 SB 112 Create Jobs Through Regulatory Reform.
Economic Development 13-14 HB 1031 North Carolina Economic Development Partnership Modifications.
Economic Development 13-14 HB 872 Protect North Carolina Right to Work Act.
Economic Development 13-14 SB 648 North Carolina Commerce Protection Act of 2014.
Economic Development 11-12 HB 237 2012 Workers' Compensation Amendments.
Education 21-22 HB 755 Academic Transparency.
Education 21-22 HB 324 Ensuring Dignity and Nondiscrimination/Schools.
Education 21-22 HB 247 Standards of Student Conduct.
Education 21-22 HB 32 Equity in Opportunity Act.
Education 19-20 HB 315 Instructional Material Selection.
Education 19-20 HB 798 Low-Performing Schools.
Education 19-20 SB 522 Low-Performing Schools/Advanced Teaching Roles.
Education 19-20 HB 426 Educators' Pay Increases/Retiree Supplements.
Education 19-20 SB 354 Strengthening Educators' Pay Act.
Education 19-20 HB 377 Teacher Step Act.
Education 17-18 HB 779 Charter School Changes.
Education 17-18 HB 514 Permit Municipal Charter School/Certain Towns.
Education 17-18 HB 527 Restore/Preserve Campus Free Speech.
Education 17-18 SB 469 Technical Corrections Students w/Disabilities Scholarship Grants.
Education 17-18 SB 15 Innovative School District and Capital Grant Clarification.
Education 15-16 HB 1080 Achievement School District.
Education 13-14 HB 250 Charter School Enrollment and Charter Revisions.
Education 13-14 SB 793 Charter School Modifications.
Education 13-14 HB 273 Charter School/Local Education Agency Accounting of Funds.
Education 13-14 HB 712 Clarifying Changes/Special Education Scholarships.
Education 13-14 SB 812 Replace Common Core Standards with North Carolina's Higher Academic Standards.
Education 13-14 HB 1061 Replace Common Core State Standards With North Carolina's Higher Academic.
Education 13-14 HB 735 Student Organizations/Rights & Recognition
Education 13-14 SB 719 Student Organizations/Rights and Recognition.
Education 13-14 HB 230 Clarify Read to Achieve/School Performance Grades.
Education 44877 HB 342 High School Accreditation.
Education 44877 HB 744 Safe Students Act.
Farming/Agriculture 19-20 SB 315 North Carolina Farm Act of 2019.
Farming/Agriculture 17-18 SB 711 North Carolina Farm Act of 2018.
Farming/Agriculture 15-16 SB 513 North Carolina Farm Act of 2015.
Law Enforcement 21-22 SB 360 Prohibit Collusive Settlements by the Attorney General.
Law Enforcement 21-22 HB 606 Prohibit Collusive Settlements by the Attorney General.
Law Enforcement 19-20 SB 202 Modify Protective Services Law/ALE.
Law Enforcement 15-16 HB 58 Certain Counties Sheriff/Food Purchases.
Law Enforcement 15-16 HB 774 Restoring Proper Justice Act.
Law Enforcement 13-14 SB 306 Capital Punishment/Amendments.
Law Enforcement 13-14 HB 392 Warrant Status/Drug Screen Public Assistance.
Law Enforcement 44877 SB 416 Amend Death Penalty Procedures.
Law Enforcement 44877 SB 9 No Discriminatory Purpose in Death Penalty.
Legal Immigration 21-22 HB 62 Gov. Immigration Compliance/Enjoin Ordinances.
Legal Immigration 19-20 HB 370 Require Cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detaine
Legal Immigration 19-20 HB 135 Enjoin Sanctuary Ordinances.
Second Amendment 21-22 HB 47 Elected Officials Concealed Carry.
Second Amendment 19-20 HB 652 2nd Amendment Protection Act. 1st VOT NO  with Gov. Veto Override  VOTED YES
Second Amendment 17-18 HB 746 Omnibus Gun Changes.
Second Amendment 15-16 HB 241 Destroy Firearm/Crime of Assault or Murder.
Second Amendment 13-14 HR 63 Support Right to Bear Arms.
Second Amendment 13-14 HB 714 Disposition of Abandoned Firearms.
Second Amendment 13-14 SB 443 Disposition of Abandoned Firearms.
Taxes 19-20 SB 578 Reduce Franchise Tax/Expand Film Grants.
Taxes 17-18 SB 75 Constitutional Amendment Maximum Income Tax Rate of 7.0%.
Taxes 17-18 SB 561 Violate Tax Law/Venue/Property Tax.
Taxes 13-14 HB 101 Repeal Estate Tax.
Taxes 13-14 HB 998 Tax Simplification and Reduction Act.
Taxes 44877 SB 13 Balanced Budget Act of 2011.
Taxes 44877 HB 710 Board of Ethics Lobbying and Campaign Finance.
Taxes 44877 SB 464 Debt Reduction Act of 2011.
Voter ID 21-22 HB 259 Election Integrity Act.
Voter ID 21-22 SB 326 Election Day Integrity Act.
Voter ID 19-20 SB 250 Remove Foreign Citizens from Voting Rolls.
Voter ID 17-18 HB 1092 Constitutional Amendment - Require Photo Identification to Vote.
Voter ID 17-18 SB 824 Implementation of Voter ID Constitutional Amendment.
Voter ID 17-18 SB 486 The Elections Security and Transparency Act.
Voter ID 13-14 HB 734 Interstate Agreements To Improve Voter Rolls.
Voter ID 13-14 HB 589 Voter Information Verification Act.

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Never give up on Northampton, Halifax, and Warren Counties. Let's roll up our sleeves and get the...